BioMedical Testers

BioMedical Testers

Patient Area Inspection & Testing


Patient Area Inspection & Testing

(AS/NZS 3003)

A Patient Treatment Area is any space where electrical equipment is used to evaluate, treat, or monitor a patient. Specifically, it is an area within a medical facility such as an operating theatre, or any room used for recovery, exams, minor procedures, intensive care, or coronary care.


A body protected area means every power point is protected by a safety switch (RCD). A cardiac protected patient area is like a body protected area; in that it includes an entire room.


Cardiac applied equipment directly involves contact with the heart and is associated with a significantly higher risk of electrical complications. The standard defines requirements for electrical general-purpose outlets (GPOs), residual-current devices (RCDs), miniature circuit breakers (MCBs), and all components related to the safe supply of electrical power.

Our technicians can provide all the below services and compliance/ test reports for your reference.

Biomedical Electrical Safety Testing

Equipment’s We Use

IT-XC MI 3152 Instaltest XC Installation Tester

IT-XC MI 3152

Instaltest XC Installation Tester

Precision Micro-Ohm Meter BS-407


Precision Micro-OHM Meter

ESA615 Electrical Safety Analyzer


Electrical Safety Analyzer

Memie – Pa Anna-lyzer

Memie – Pa Anna-lyzer

Medical Electrical Safety Tester

Patient Simulators

ProSim Range

Patient Simulators

gas flow analysers ventilator testers

VT900A & VT650

Gas Flow Analysers & Ventilator Testers

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