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About BioMedical Testers

We specialise in the testing and maintenance of a range of compliance requirements such as Medical Equipment testing, Electrical testing, Fire Equipment testing, Safety Switch (RCD) testing, Emergency Exit Light testing and maintenance and First Aid kit maintenance.

We keep Victorian businesses OH&S compliant and ensure that your workplace meets the Australian Safety Standards. We can help to reduce the risk of serious injury to your staff and customers.

Every Technicians holds:

Medical Equipment Testing

Testing Labs

Test & Service of Medical Equipment regularly to comply with WorkSafe or Workcover regulations, electrical safety testing is mandatory. Also, to always ensure patient and user safety by testing of all electrical and medical devices.
Electrical & Fire Testing Experts


Classes & Types of Medical Electrical Equipment’s

  • Class 1 Equipment (Protective Earth)
  • Class 2 Equipment (Double or reinforced insulation)
  • Class 3 Equipment/ Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV)

Depending on the Classes/ Types of equipment’s our technicians perform the below following tests.

  • Visual Inspection
  • Protective Earthing Test
  • Insulation Resistance Test
  • Touch Current Test (Enclosure Leakage Current Test)
  • Earth Leakage Test
  • Patient Leakage Current (Applied part leakage & Mains contact current)

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