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Medical Electrical Equipment Safety Check


Medical Electrical Equipment Safety Check

Biomedical testing is an essential and critical part of the medical equipment industry, many lives depend on it. Our technicians have the knowledge, understanding and practical skills required to conduct Biomedical Electrical Safety Testing safely in accordance with AS/NZS 3551. Biomedical Technicians are responsible for ensuring lifesaving equipment is functioning properly by performing different kinds of testing including:

Biomedical Engineering Solutions

We can take care of all your compliance requirements and ensure your centre meets the Australian Safety Standards at a cost-effective manner with minimal interruption.



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We have experienced Technicians who can test Biomedical equipment’s in a variety of environments such as Hospitals, Medical Centres, Aged cares, Physiotherapy Clinics, Day Surgeries, Defence Units, Dental clinics etc. This testing is quick and simple and can be done with minimal disruption to patients and staff. We are flexible with time and can work after hours or on weekends.

Test & Service of Medical Equipment regularly to comply with WorkSafe or Workcover regulations, electrical safety testing is mandatory. Also, to always ensure patient and user safety by testing of all electrical and medical devices.

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